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Whether they’re ‘silent but deadly’ or loud enough to wake him (and you) from sleep … all our dogs fart and we bet you’ve noticed!  But have you thought about why?  It’s a natural – but necessary – bodily function!  It’s impossible to stop farts or, to use the technical term ‘flatulence’, which is the release of gas from the digestive system – the stomach or intestines – accompanied by that rather unpleasant sound … and smell. Some breeds do tend to fart more than others – particularly those breeds that have flatter faces such as Pugs and Bulldogs who have a natural tendency to take in more air when they eat and drink.

 But if you’ve noticed that your dog does seem to be farting more often than usual, then there may be an underlying cause.  Here’s a few things to think about …

  •      Have you changed his food/diet suddenly?  Even if you’ve made a change to what you feel is a better quality food, it’s always important to introduce changes gradually to give his digestive system time to adapt. 
  •      Some foods may of course be cheaper than others but may contain lower-quality ‘fillers’ and ‘binding agents’ that are not so easily digestible for some dogs so always read all the nutrition and ingredients information carefully before making your choice.
  •      Is he eating things he shouldn’t?  We all know what it’s like when he watches you eat and you feel you can hear him saying ‘that looks good, could I please have just a little bit’.  But ‘human’ food is often not very good for our dogs and high-fat or spicy foods, dairy products and even peas and beans can cause ‘gas’ even though he would still of course happily scoff them if offered.
  •      Allergies can also be a problem in dogs, in the same way as they can for humans and may lead to an intolerance to a certain ingredient.  Lactose is a good example of this and why our dogs should not have too much cheese or milk. 
  •      Some dogs simply eat their food too fast and this can lead to them taking in excess air and cause farting.  You can now buy specialised feeding bowls designed not to allow your dog to ‘gobble’ his food down. 
  •      Always consult your vet if you have any concerns.

Don’t forget that regular exercise and a healthy diet is good for your pooch and Buddy & Lola are here to help too. 

Buddy & Lola’s Happy Tummy helps soothe turbulent tums and helps your pooch pass firm poos.  A premium product with just 4 ingredients, no bulking agents, no preservatives and no artificial ingredients. It’s a nourishing probiotic supplement designed to balance your dog’s gut bacteria and boost digestive health.   It can help relieve diarrhoea and IBS; reduce ‘wind’ and boost beneficial gut bacteria as well as supporting immunity, calming skin conditions and soothing itchy skin.

Here’s the ‘technical bit’ - It contains Mannan-Oligosaccharides; Fructo-Oliogosaccharides, Beta-Glucans and Montmorillonite.

Mannan-Oligosaccharides are naturally occurring plant probiotics; helping the bad bacteria pass through the gut while boosting the good bacteria.

Fructo-Oligosaccharides help improve the absorption of calcium, iron and other essential nutrients, giving your pooch’s immunity a ‘helping hand’.

Beta-Glucan 1-3 and 1-6 have been proven to support the canine immune system and can help calm itchy skin and IBS.

Montmorillonite – this clay helps to keep your dog ‘regular’ by binding to toxins and flushing them away.  Bursting with over 60 essential minerals, it’s also a diarrhoea-busting ingredient too. 

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