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PUPPY POWER! … how do you fatten up your skinny pup?

Written by: Charles Millar



Time to read 2 min

Different breeds of dogs have different metabolism and growth rates so there may be a number of reasons why your puppy is a bit skinny and you may be asking 'how do you fatten up a skinny pup?' Perhaps your pup was the runt of the litter so needs a bit of extra help to gain weight or maybe they're a working dog breed known to burn a lot of calories from all those zoomies.

Loss of appetite may be caused by a medical problem or even burning off more calories than they're taking in if they're a bundle of energy.  If they don’t seem to be gaining weight as you’d expect, the first step should always be a visit to the vet to ensure there’s no underlying health – or intestinal parasite - issues. Your vet can confirm what your pup’s ideal weight should be and may suggest that you keep a record to monitor their progress.  

What can you do to help your puppy gain weight and remain healthy?

1. Make sure your puppy gets regular exercise!  Not only does it help keep them healthy and gain muscle mass too, but exercise will also help increase his appetite. 

2. Increase the number of meals your puppy gets. If they are generally fed twice a day, you may want to try increasing meals to 3 times a day (so long as you keep up that all-important exercise too). 

3. Feed them high quality food. Don’t forget that the quality of the food you give your dog will have an impact on his weight and overall health. Try to offer a high-quality dog food which will offer the proper nutrition needed for growth. Check the ingredients label for the protein and fat content. 

4. Add some healthy snacks to their diet. Most pups will enjoy some raw fresh fruit and vegetables such as apple or carrot, or even some pumpkin treats using our Pumpkin Powder that are packed with vitamins and fibre! Just remember … give only as treats and in moderation and no seeds, please.

5. Speak to your vet. If you're concerned about your pup being underweight we'd advise speaking to your vet so they can give your puppy a check up and make sure there aren't any underlying issues causing them to be skinny. They'll also be able to advise you on the best course of action to help them gain weight.

What supplements can help fatten up your skinny pup?

Weight Gainer Supplement

Sometimes your pup may need a bit of extra help and that's where a weight gainer can help.

It is a plant based, high-protein, high-calorie supplement designed to help dogs put on weight in a healthy way and at the same time boost their appetite.

Our weight gainer also includes amino acids to support your dog's joints, skin and coat whilst also being a convenient way to add calories without adding extra meals.

Plus, it has a yummy chicken flavour (just without the meat content) so it's perfect for fussy eaters or pups who have an allergy to chicken and is suitable for all dogs over 12 weeks old.

Prebiotics & Probiotics

If your pup has lost weight after being poorly or having an operation then it could be that their gut microbiome isn't in the best condition and needs a boost.

Prebiotics and probiotics are great with helping your dog's gut and our Super Pooper Bundle is the perfect solution to help repair your pup's gut. 

The combination of our Pumpkin Powder, which is a fantastic source of prebiotics and fibre, with our Super Tummy Daily meal topper which has high levels of probiotics help make sure your dog's gut is able to absorb all the nutrients from their food and ensure they're getting the most out of the nutrition in their food.