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Slow Feeder Lick Mat

Dual Design Lick Mat

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A versatile, two-sided hygienic feeding mat improves feeding habits and encourages slower eating, therefore aiding proper digestion. This will encourage mindful stimulation to alleviate boredom, whilst increasing “feel good” endorphins. A perfect distraction for grooming, too.

Size: 20.8cm x 20.8cm

Made of 100% silicone

  • Textures encourage slower, healthier eating habits

  • Gives your dog a fun challenge to do any time

  • Makes grooming easier and great for supplements

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Orange enrichment lick mat for dogs

Slow Feeder Lick Mat


Slower, healthier eating habits

Whether your dog scoffs their food all over the kitchen, or is fussy on any diet, these dual-sided lick mats make feeding time a breeze! By encouraging healthier habits, these fun mats help prevent digestive issues, provide a fun challenge, and even make grooming easier!

Supports healthier feeding & digestion

With two sides, this mat has textures ideal for any type of food making it super versatile. Eating slower can prevent choking, vomiting and indigestion - it’s good for their tummy!

Ideal for fussy eaters and bored dogs

Fussy dogs often need something new to encourage eating. This lick mat provides new ‘feel-good’ textures, and keeps them happily stimulated, preventing boredom.

Sucks to surfaces and easy to clean

These stay in one place - even stuck to the walls, making it easier to keep the mess contained. Easy to clean & hygienic, they’re a fast, convenient way to feed your dog with a fun twist!

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