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Probiotic chews for dogs

Super Tummy Daily Chews

“After a month of using these my dog's poo is firmer and he has less wind. Plus he's no longer constantly scratching himself. He seems so much happier and I love that they are plant based and my dog loves them!”

― Amber C.
  • Supports consistent, firm poops and reduces odour

  • Relieves itching & scratching and supports normal yeast production for healthy ears & paws

  • Tasty plant based chews that have a chicken and bacon flavour but without the meat content!

  • If your dog isn't a fan of chews but you still want to help their digestive & overall health why not try our Super Tummy Daily plant based meal topper?

Daily support for your dog’s digestive health combining prebiotics, plus billions of beneficial probiotics. Our chews works by maintaining firm stools, reducing wind and increasing “good” gut bacteria. Plus they support healthy skin, leading to less itching & scratching.

Our soft chews are perfect to use as a probiotic treat for dogs or crumbled over their food.

Suitable for ALL dogs over 12 weeks, including nursing and pregnant dogs

Feeding guidelines

No stressful tablet administration or pills in sight. Just a simple daily chew to help kickstart your dog’s happier, healthy habits. Can be given as treats or crumbled over your dog's food. These plant based tasty chicken and bacon flavour chews are suitable for ALL dogs.

Dog weight Amount / day
Up to 9kg 1 Soft chew daily
10 - 18kg 2 Soft chews daily
19 - 36kg 3 Soft chews daily
Over 37kg 4 Soft chews daily

*This product is suitable for ALL dogs over 12 weeks, it is also suitable for nursing and pregnant dogs.

Active ingredients:

Bacillus Subtilis - A gut-friendly probiotic found in the gut, this natural bacteria helps support the gut lining, whilst maintaining Vitamin K production for healthy skin.

Bacillus coagulans -Beneficial bacteria that helps support a healthy immune and digestive system. It’s a spore-forming bacterium so it protects the gut lining.

Fructo-Oligosaccharides - Another excellent prebiotic, this ingredient supports the absorption of calcium, iron, and other essential nutrients needed for healthy digestion.

Cellulase - This digestive enzyme helps break down the fibres in the digestive system. It also maintains optimal blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Lipase - Another digestive enzyme that helps break down fat in the stomach, to support digestion and nutrient absorption.

Protease - A powerful digestive enzyme that breaks down proteins into amino acids in the stomach, to support digestion and nutrient absorption.

Alpha-Amylase - This digestive enzyme is responsible for breaking down starches into smaller carbohydrates, to support optimal digestion.

Full ingredients list - Starch (Tapioca, Potato), Flaxseed, Glycerine, Brewer's Yeast (Gluten), Refined Vegetable Oil (Rapeseed), Sunflower Lecithin, Maltodextrin, Inulin, Caramel, Pea Protein, Minerals.

Additives per kg: Zootechnical Additives: Gut Flora Stabilisers: Enterococcus Faecium (Lactose); 3.58 x 1011 CFU. Fructooligosaccharides. Technological Additives: Preservatives: Natural Preservatives. Antioxidants: Natural Antioxidants. Sensory Additives: Flavouring Compounds: Chicken & Bacon Flavouring, Rosemary Extract.

Analytical Constituents: Crude Protein 7.4%, Crude Oils & Fat 18.2%, Crude Fibres 1.7%, Crude Ash 2.2%

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  • Made with love using natural ingredients

Probiotic chews for dogs

Probiotic chews for dogs

£33.46 £30.11

Your dog deserves clean, natural ingredients

No artificial colours
Grain free
100% plant based

Daily digestive goodness in every tasty bite

In the last 5 years there has been a 50% rise in owners seeking digestive support for their dogs. This unique formula of prebiotics and probiotics has been specifically developed to support your dog’s long-term digestive health, keeping their sensitive tummy happy and healthy.

Supports gut & skin health

Probiotics help maintain a healthy natural balance in your dog’s digestive system to keep their tummies on track and skin healthy.

Firmer stools, less wind

Stool-forming fibres control flatulence and maintain firm, healthy poops to support the regularity of your dog's stools for mess-free clean ups. They also help control flatulence.

Supports overall health

Used daily, this blend of probiotics and prebiotics can help support your dog’s overall health year-round, especially important during allergy season.

Billions of good bacteria for a healthy gut

Our vet-developed feeding guidelines ensure your dog receives the perfect amount of probiotic bacteria to support their bowel movements and digestive function. Each chew provides 109 CFUs to restore and maintain the balance of good bacteria in your dog’s gut.

How to use our digestive chews

No stressful tablet administration or pills in sight. Just a simple daily chew to help kickstart your dog’s happier, healthier habits. These tasty plant based chews have a chicken and bacon flavour but without the meat content! Chews are suitable for ALL dogs aged 12+ weeks.
Dog weight Amount / day
Dogs up to 9kg 1 Chew per day
Dogs from 10 - 18kg 2 Chews per day
Dogs from 19 - 36kg 3 Chews per day
Dogs over 37kg 4 Chews per day

STORAGE: Keep in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. Ensure your tub lid is shut tightly after use. This will keep it as fresh as the day it was tested.

Praised by vets and leading dog experts

Praised by vets and leading dog experts

“Probiotics and prebiotics focus on your dog’s microbiome to ensure they stay healthy from the inside out. A happy tummy is a happy dog”

Vicky - Veterinary Nurse
Registered Veterinary Nurse for 10+ years

How do Super Tummy Daily Chews compare?

It’s easy to see why Super Tummy Daily is recommended #1 by vets and owners. The powerful ingredients in each tasty scoop can support your dog’s digestive system, leaving them to live a comfortable, healthy, and active lifestyle

It’s simple, there’s just no comparison...
Super Tummy Chews Super Tummy Chews
Other brands Others
Science backed ingredients
No binders or fillers
100% traceable ingredients
Rigorous third party testing
Industry leading suppliers

Why should I choose Super Tummy Daily Chews?

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