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Fish oil contains Omega 3’s - they’re what we know as essential fats for maintaining overall health and wellbeing…

And as humans, unless you’re eating high-quality, oily fish a couple of times per week, then it’s important we take a fish oil supplement to boost our own omega’s.

But what about your they need fish oil too?

In short, yes, they do. The benefits of salmon oil for dogs have been widely studied to help support a shiny coat and target skin allergies in dogs too.

If your dog is constantly itching, or has a dull/dry coat, then for healthy-looking skin and a shiny feel to their coat dog owners are now turning to the remarkable results seen from introducing Scottish Salmon Oil to their pup’s diet.

Here are some of the unexpected benefits Buddy & Lola customers noticed after giving their dogs Scottish Salmon Oil...

  • Amanda’s Greyhound rescue had “fur that was rough/dry, patchy and see through in places” and began to notice after just a few weeks his “silky soft fur” and now has a “good covering” too.

  • Or Kay’s itchy Westie pup who had “terrible skin” is now no longer scratching and whose other dog, a Scottie, has fur that’s “so silky it shines.”

  • Helen’s Jack Russell “was scratching and biting himself and couldn't see why...” but after about a week, the biting and scratching has stopped and seems “a lot happier in himself.”

  • Another customer’s dog would not stop shedding and had a dull coat. Just half a bottle down, and no more shedding and a shiny coat!

  • Finally, a parent to a dry & itchy golden retriever and two chocolate labradors, was previously buying cheap cod liver oil...she now only uses Buddy & Lola’s Scottish Salmon Oil after her hounds absolutely had this pass their taste test.

The benefits of Salmon Oil for dogs go beyond a soft and shiny coat...

As this natural, tasty oil helps support gastrointestinal health, can help maintain normal digestive function and immunity too. Many dog owners are even seeing a positive difference in their pup’s joint health and mobility!

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