Why Probiotics are Great for Dogs

Probiotics – so, what are they?

Firstly, what you may not know is that your dog’s gastrointestinal (or digestive) tract is actually the largest immune organ in their body and it carries a large number of bacteria.   However, for a healthy immune system, it’s important to maintain a healthy level of ‘good bacteria’ in order to aid digestion. 

Many different factors can disrupt that important balance and possibly lead to other health problems

  • physical or emotional stress (sometimes caused by a change in routine or environment)
  • a sudden change in diet
  • some veterinary drugs – such as antibiotics, steroids and vaccinations.  It has been reported that the earlier in life that an animal is prescribed antibiotics, the greater is their risk of developing obesity, diabetes and liver disease. 
  • Poor quality diet, or inappropriate diet
  • Surgery
  • Pica (that’s eating non-food items like sticks, faeces, or pebbles etc)
  • Inflammatory bowel disease or other gastrointestinal diseases
  • Ingesting pesticides, insecticides or fertilizers or drinking contaminated water

Probiotics are those beneficial bacteria that are needed by your dog to maintain a healthy level of ‘friendly’ bacteria in the gut and to discourage the increase of possible ‘unfriendly’ or ‘pathogenic’ bacteria. 

Your dog’s digestive tract is designed to cope with the bacterial load from their food. But studies have shown that dogs who do not have those friendly bacteria, or who have a poor balance of good and bad gut bacteria, are at an increased risk of developing digestive other health problems from allergies to autoimmune disease. If physical or emotional stresses upset that bacterial balance, it can lead to nutritional problems such as poor nutrient absorption and occasional or even chronic diarrhoea.  Dysbiosis – ‘leaky gut syndrome’ can be another issue; and could allow partially digested amino acids and allergens into the blood stream. 

Buddy & Lola’s Happy Tummy is here to help.  It’s a proven Probiotics Powder for sensitive stomachs and it contains no wheat or artificial ingredients.  Its optimum absorption and benefits can help improve all-round health.  It’s easy to simply sprinkle over your dog’s food; whether you feed wet or dry food to help get the best goodness and gut bacteria needed for a balanced diet.  


Suitable for all breeds, it’s safe for puppies, adult dogs and older dogs too.

Happy Tummy helps provide daily relief from digestive issues such as upset or sensitive stomachs, Diarrhoea, Colitis, Wind and Bloating, IBS, Diabetes, and even bad breath too.  It offers a useful follow-on to provide the ongoing digestive support that your dog needs for a healthy gut. It can also be used to help with skin conditions such as hot spots, itchy skin or other allergy-related complaints.


Here’s the technical information …

Offering optimum absorption and benefits to improve your dog’s all-round health, it combines 

  • Probiotics - Mannanoligosaccharides
  • Dual action - Prebiotics Fructoligosaccharides
  • Beta-1,3/1,6-glucans
  • Montmorillonite
  • No wheat, corn or artificial ingredients. 


Simply mix with feed or add to a little water to sprinkle on food as per the guide below:

Dogs weighing up to 10Kg       1.5g

Dogs weighing 10-25 Kg          2.5g

Dogs weighing 25-45 Kg          3.5g

Dogs weighing over 40 Kg       5.0g