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It’s Time To Firm Up Your Dog’s Poop

time to firm up your dog's poop

If you’re a dog parent, chances are your little friend has experienced either loose stools...OR their poop is too firm!

Today we’ll give you some tips on why they might have dog diarrhoea and most importantly, what to do about it.

First, if you’re overly concerned, you should consult your vet for expert advice, in case your dog’s loose poops are something more serious! Also, if your dog has been experiencing loose stools for a few weeks, it means they’re going to be dehydrated too, therefore your vet’s advice is critical at this stage.

Did you know that there are several reasons why your dog could be experiencing loose poop?

  • A sudden change in diet - this can bring on gastric distress
  • Food sensitivities - they’re usually restricted to reactions within the gut
  • Sudden stress - a flood of stress hormones can trigger the digestive tract to to dump its contents in the quickest way possible
  • Parasites - most commonly, worms like tapeworms, hookworms, roundworms, and whipworms...and they’ll live in your dog’s gut
  • Bacterial infections - infections can attack your dog’s gut and cause an upset stomach

On of the most common of these is the first, a change in their diet. To help, you should introduce new foods over a 4-day period:

Day 1: 25% new food mixed with 75% original food

Day 2: 50% new food mixed with 50% original food

Day 3: 74% new food mixed with 25% original food

Day 4: 100% new food

However, if things don’t improve for whatever reason, there are alternatives options for your dog proving as effective

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