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Introducing Our New Brand Ambassador: Roger Black MBE - A Champion for Health and Wellness!

Written by: Helena Lawrence



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We're buzzing with excitement and can't wait to share some pawsome news with you. We're absolutely thrilled to announce that Roger Black MBE, an Olympic medalist and lifelong advocate for health and wellness, has joined us at Buddy & Lola as our brand ambassador!

Meet Roger and His Dogs: Howie & Daisy

As any dog lover knows, it's not just about taking care of our own health - it's about ensuring our canine companions are just as healthy and happy. Roger Black is a shining example of this approach. Not only has he dedicated his life to maintaining his own peak physical health, but he also extends the same love and care to his two adorable dogs, Howie and Daisy.

Roger's passion for his dogs' wellbeing mirrors our own here at Buddy & Lola. That's why he's the perfect fit for our brand. He embodies our values and commitment to providing the best life for our four-legged friends.

Probiotic Chews: Roger's Go-To Product For Howie & Daisy

Just like us, Roger understands that a healthy diet is key to a dog's overall health and happiness. That's why he loves our Probiotic Chews and gives them to Howie and Daisy daily.

Our Probiotic Chews are packed with good bacteria that support a healthy digestive system. They're not just beneficial - dogs love the taste too! It's a win-win for dog owners looking to boost their pet's health.

Why Roger Loves Buddy & Lola

Roger's love for Buddy & Lola extends far beyond our Probiotic Chews. As a brand, we align perfectly with his philosophy of healthy living and wellness for both humans and their pets.

In Roger's words, "Buddy & Lola's focus on quality, health, and happiness for dogs is simply outstanding. I came across Buddy & Lola after looking for a probiotic for my dogs due to my experience of how they can help overall health. Howie & Daisy love their probiotic chews and I love the benefits they have for them.  I'm proud to be associated with such a dedicated and trustworthy brand and thrilled to be able to spread the word about Buddy & Lola's fantastic products!"

Join Us in Celebrating Our Exciting Partnership!

We're beyond delighted to welcome Roger, Howie, and Daisy into the Buddy & Lola family. We're certain that with Roger's help, we'll continue to spread the word about the importance of dog health and wellness.

We invite you all to join us in this exciting new chapter as we continue to champion for the health and happiness of our beloved pets. And remember, a healthy dog is a happy dog!

Stay tuned for more updates from our new brand ambassador, Roger, and his adorable pups, Howie and Daisy. Together, we'll continue to make strides in promoting and enhancing the wellbeing of our furry friends!