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How to help older dogs gain weight

How to help older dogs gain weight

Of course, we all want our beloved dogs around as part of the family for as long as possible, but older age often brings with it some extra issues – one of which may be weight loss.  So, here’s some help to make older dogs gain weight.

Many older dogs become less active and, therefore, show a tendency to gain weight but sometimes it’s the reverse and they may have health issues that can lead to weight loss.  It’s important, therefore, to ensure he’s as healthy as possible and is regularly monitored by your Vet in case there’s an underlying problem requiring treatment – such as thyroid or dental problems which may be affecting his appetite. 

There are specialist foods available for ‘senior’ dogs but remember that all dogs are different – whatever their age or breed - and some still burn off more calories than others. Most branded ‘Senior’ foods generally contain less calories so it’s important to continue to monitor his weight regularly as you may in fact need to change his diet to help him ‘fatten up’.  Some ‘senior’ dogs can also prefer to eat 2 or 3 small meals a day rather than one larger bowlful.

Many dog owners now include homemade food in their dog’s diet but, again, consider asking your vet for advice if you’re unsure.  Meat should make up at least half their diet – ideally low fat such as chicken and you can include small amounts of liver or heart etc too.  Cooked fish is also often enjoyed too (bones carefully removed of course!) and eggs are also a source of protein.  Some vegetables can also help to provide fibre and antioxidants.  They’re best served cooked and chopped for easy digestion but NEVER give grapes or dried fruits such as currants, sultanas and raisins. 

If you want to opt for a grain-free diet, you can substitute potatoes or brown rice and also fish oil for those extra vitamins.  Calcium can come in the form of plain yoghurt or cheese or even ground-up egg shells. 

Buddy & Lola can help too with our Weight Gainer High Calorie Supplement.  It’s a natural weight gainer and carefully formulated to support elderly, underweight or just plain ‘picky’ dogs with all their nutritional needs.  It helps gain weight, build muscle mass, maintain healthy skin and coat quality, support immunity and generally maintain your dog’s health and energy as they get older. (It’s even great for nursing mums too.)

Here’s what goes in to Buddy & Lola’s Weight Gainer High Calorie Supplement  …

Vegetable Powder - full of essential nutrients – iron, vitamins and minerals, soy protein, flaxseed, coconut milk powder and pumpkin protein.

Soy Powder – a complete protein boost, helping build muscle and containing those important antioxidants too.

Flaxseed – just bursting with essential fatty acids, rich in Omega 3 and 6 to support growth and cell function, maintain healthy skin and support the immune system.

Coconut Milk – great for a strong and shiny coat and high in fat to help weight gain.

Pumpkin Protein – natural and nutritious source of protein, supporting muscle maintenance and growth and maintaining good digestion.

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