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What Does The Colour Of Your Dog’s Poop Tell You?

What Does The Colour Of Your Dog’s Poop Tell You?

Normal dog poo can be many different shades of brown. But what if it’s not brown?

Is Your Dog's Poo Yellow?

If your dog passes yellow stool he has something going on. The most common causes of yellow stool are:

  • The parasite coccidia
  • Pathogenic bacteria overgrowth
  • Changes in the liver
  • Poop moving through the GI tract too quickly to pick up bile. Bile makes poop brown.

You may see yellow stools with acute or chronic diarrhoea.

Is Your Dog's Poo Orange?

This usually means your dog ate something with food colouring in it. Or the poop may contain small amounts of blood. This is an acute issue that will often resolve with fasting, probiotics and a bland diet.

Is Your Dog's Poo Green?

Gastrointestinal (GI) hypermotility can cause green stool. It can be a gall bladder issue if your dog’s bile is not fully digested … or if it moves too quickly through the GI tract. It may be acute or chronic.  If green poop continues for more than a few days, see your vet. But your dog can also get green poop from eating a lot of grass or goose/duck poop. So watch what he’s snacking on in the park and if that’s the cause, don’t worry.

Is Your Dog's Poo Blue?

Treat blue poop as an emergency. It could mean your dog has eaten rat poison (which is usually blue) or a toy. Save the stool … then take it and your dog to the vet. This is an acute issue and needs immediate treatment by your veterinarian.

Is Your Dog's Poo White?

“Rice”. White rice-like pieces in the stool usually mean your dog has tapeworms. The stool may be solid or loose.

Is Your Dog's Poo Grey?

Grey, greasy stools may mean your dog has a pancreas or biliary issue.

Is Your Dog's Poo Black

Black or very dark brown stools often mean there’s blood in the stool. It can be a more serious problem. Contact the vet immediately. 

Do You See Pink Or Red Specks In Your Dog's Poop?

Red in the stool means there is blood in the stool.   As mentioned before, contact the vet immediately. 

Do You See Mucus In Your Dog's Poop?

Not technically a colour … but mucus is a detoxification response. Your dog’s digestive system is trying to get rid of something. It’s usually an acute issue and will often resolve on its own.

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