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5 Ways to Celebrate National Dog Day

5 Ways to Celebrate National Dog Day
National dog day - it’s now a big thing, and if you’re like us, we don’t need an excuse to jump on this magical day of all things dogs! Giving your dog some extra attention needs no reason, other than reciprocating that unwavering love they give you each day of their lives.

National Dog Day marks a special day in the calendar where ALL dogs are celebrated - mixed and pure breeds alike! So let’s take the time to appreciate the love and value that dogs bring to make our lives that much richer!

We also aim to help spread awareness towards those homeless and abused dogs across the world who have no choice and no voice.

Dogs help us keep safe by working for our emergency services but they also help support people who are blind, deaf, or have physical and emotional disability needs, too. Dogs give a lot for us humans, so today is a PERFECT opportunity to give something back to show our gratitude and appreciation.

So let’s chat about when it is and what sort of things you can do to celebrate your pooch this national dog day!

When is national dog day? Plus ways to celebrate!

It’s Friday 26th August, 2022 so if you have that in your mind, you’ll be reminded that this is your dog’s day to feel EXTRA special. All that extra attention simply shows how much you appreciate them, because sometimes life gets busy.

What are some ideas to celebrate National Dog Day?

This is a broad question because there are tons of ways to celebrate. Does your dog love long woodland walks, a splash around on the beach, a swim in your local lake or playing games with you in the garden followed by a scrumptious snack?

Go for an extended walk in a new place

There’s always a new place that you’ve been meaning to try - a new park, a new trail path, or a trip to the beach. Make the day spontaneous and fun…you’ll both have an amazing time! If your pooch is a little nervous of new places, then their absolute favourite will never disappoint.

Bake some extra yummy (dog-friendly) treats

Who doesn’t love a baking day? Homemade doggy cakes, biscuits and “pupsicles” are some favourites among our community of dog owners. Making your dog’s favourite, mouth-drooling treat is something they’ll surely appreciate! No time? Grab their favourite from your usual shop.


Donate to your local rescue centre or dog charity

Whether you want to give money or your time to a local shelter, or even consider adopting a homeless dog, there are many ways you can support our companions.

Host a doggy playdate

We do it with kids, so why not dogs? Organise a playdate with another dog and make a playdate out of it. If you don’t know someone with a dog that’d love to share this with you, why not a local park where you know your dog can socialise.

Spoil them like never before

This is more about ensuring they have all their favourite things and your loving attention rather than going out and buying a load of unnecessary toys (they probably have enough already).

Visit and join our Facebook VIP group to chat with other supportive dog owners about some new ideas and ways you can celebrate this special day! You’ll also discover new offers, supportive conversations and a warm sense of community!
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