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Why does your raw-fed dog still need probiotics?

Why does your raw-fed dog still need probiotics?

Just about every dog-owner community will discuss this…

So what’s the answer? Well, it depends. But ultimately, YES, their health will see improvements if given probiotic supplements.

Let's draw up some context:

While it's true that many dogs thrive on a meat-only diet (provided they’re getting optimal quality meat) for certain breeds, this may not be the case. Plus, the meat quality might not be particularly good.

But what happens when your dog experiences dry skin, digestive issues, stinky farts, seasonal allergies, or even yeast overgrowth?

Well, there are some solutions that will help treat the symptoms. BUT… they won’t be nearly as effective as if your dog was already on quality supplements - therefore helping PREVENT these issues in the first place.

Common issues like those listed above are typically found in dogs with compromised gut health, regardless of diet!

Now, if you’ve done any research, you’ll know the source of immune health and overall vitality - including the essentials like the ability to break down and absorb nutrients from food…

It is found inside the gut.

In fact, research suggests around 90% of your dog’s immune strength is attributed to its digestive health 👀

Optimal digestive health is attributed to levels of beneficial bacteria present.

As stated in the ​​Open Veterinary Journal in 2015*, researchers point out an interesting fact:

Thousands of years ago, human beings discovered benefits derived from fermented food. Both in humans and pets, probiotics have many beneficial effects…especially in the modulation of the immune system and in a stress state.

Fermented food provides an abundance of beneficial bacteria. This means friendly bacteria (found in probiotics) in your dog’s diet, can help support a well-functioning and robust immune system.

Even if your dog is on a strict, raw-fed diet…

They can benefit ENORMOUSLY in terms of immunity, long-term well-being and improved energy from taking daily probiotics.

If you're a little lost at this point, probiotics are the beneficial bacteria found inside a healthy gut…

They're the body’s first line of defence and help to catch and kill bacterial and fungal invaders, too.

And if you want to discover MORE about how your dog can thrive with the addition of probiotics, even if they’re fed raw check out SUPER TUMMY DAILY POWDER  or SUPER TUMMY DAILY CHEWS

Boosting your dog's army of "good" bacteria with a complex mix of fibres (prebiotics) and bacteria (probiotics)...

Can help to:

✔️ Build their gut health

✔️ Firm up loose poop

✔️ Reduce wind

✔️ Prevent diarrhoea

✔️ Improve skin conditions 

✔️ Strengthen their immune system

In summary, the evidence shows that adding probiotics to your pup's diet can be highly beneficial for their immune system, overall well-being, and energy level. It is well known that probiotics are a vital component of healthy guts and they help protect their bodies from harmful bacteria and fungal infections.

If you find yourself wanting to learn more about how to help your pup thrive with daily probiotic intake, consider trying either Super Tummy Daily Powder or Super Tummy Daily Chews. They are high-quality supplements that offer a helping hand in ensuring your dog has the right balance of friendly bacteria in his/her gut microbiome. All-in-all, it’s never too late to start incorporating beneficial bacteria in your dog’s diet and it’s certainly worth a try; your dog could benefit greatly from these helpful microorganisms!

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