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Top Dog Breeds that are Known for Stinky Dog Farts

Top Dog Breeds that are Known for Stinky Dog Farts

As a dog owner, it's not uncommon to experience the unpleasant odours that come from our dog’s flatulence. While occasional tooting is a natural part of a dog's digestive system, excessive and stinky farts can be a sign of an underlying issue. Believe it or not though, some dog breeds are more prone to flatulence than others. Breeds with short snouts, such as bulldogs and pugs, may experience gas more frequently due to their unique respiratory system. Additionally, larger breeds, such as Great Danes and Mastiffs, may experience flatulence due to their size and increased food intake. 


Boxers are undeniably tough, with their flat faces, muscular builds and slimmer abdomens. However that doesn't stop them from experiencing the occasional case of bloating which can leave an otherwise cosy living room filled to the brim with less than pleasant odours. While sources claim it's "normal" for boxers to fart up to 10 times a day before being considered excessively gassy, we're sure Boxer owners everywhere would definitely prefer it to be less!


Pugs may be renowned for their playful and charming personalities, but they can also unleash some powerful gas attacks! The anatomy of a pug's face causes it to eat much more quickly than other breeds which results in increased air intake. Unsurprisingly, this tends to lead to extra flatulent activity - something that any proud pug parent will attest to!


Beagles were once bred to be hunters and that instinct to forage for tasty morsels has stuck with the breed. Because of this they are more prone to finding food and eating snacks while on walks, including things they shouldn’t be eating, contributing to their gassiness.


As cuddly and precious as Yorkies may be, they have the capacity to create some truly unforgettable odours. While their small size does not necessarily make them prone to foul smells, allergies can cause a lingering aroma that few find pleasant. Long fur further traps any unwanted scents which almost makes our tiny friends like walking air fresheners - just without the nice smell! 


Mastiffs have been around for centuries and are the largest dog breed on record. They have huge mouths, which means they can easily swallow nearly anything in one gulp - possibly even dangerous items found during walks! Also, due to their size Mastiffs naturally need to eat more than smaller breeds which can mean gas builds up simply due to the volume they’re eating.


Bulldogs may look delightful and innocent, but don’t underestimate the power of their flat faces and fast eating habits that make for a truly unique - yet unforgettable - experience. Other canine farts are no comparison to these blissful aroma bombs!


Rottweilers are known to be great snuggle buddies and they show their unconditional love through even the smelliest of displays. From quiet little squeaks to full-on smelly fart bombs, your furry friend will feel comfortable enough around you to let it all out - just like a close human companion! Their unique scent is something that definitely won’t go unnoticed!

For those who have been struggling with the unflattering stench of their furry companion, all hope is not lost. There are several effective solutions to cut down on canine flatulence and create a fresher home environment for you and your pup!

Toot Stopper all-natural flatulence support chews are specially formulated to reduce your dog's gas production and neutralise their unpleasant odours. Made with natural ingredients that are safe and gentle on your dog's digestive system, these chews provide a quick and effective solution to a common problem faced by many dog owners.

Probiotics such as Super Tummy Daily can also help with your dog’s flatulence by working to repair the guts microbiome for firmer poops, less wind and improved skin & coat.

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  • If only we could bottle our English bulldog’s farts we could use them as a weapon of war. She can empty a room in minutes as we fight to get out.

    Linde Carr on

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