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Discover the Best Dog Digestion & Gut Health Supplements

Written by: Helena Lawrence



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Discover which dog digestive supplements you need to keep your dog’s gut health in balance, prevent illness and stop scooting. You won’t find any artificial fillers or ingredients here - this guide contains natural supplements only. 

Relieve your dog's digestive discomfort

Dog digestive supplements help improve symptoms of digestive comfort in dogs, such as:

  • Changing stool consistency
  • Relieving upset stomach
  • Reducing bloating
  • Enhancing nutrient absorption
  • Balancing prebiotics and probiotics 

Gut health supplements (such as probiotics) boost your dog's intestinal flora by containing "good" bacteria and can help dogs of all ages. These supplements offer a range of positive effects, including less flatulence and firmer poops. 

Best dog supplements for digestive health

Here are the best dog digestive supplements for your furry friend - whether they’re a puppy, an adult, a senior dog, or overweight.


Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that support vital bodily processes in your dog. They support your dog by: 

  • Helping them digest food more easily
  • Providing defence against possible infections by boosting their immune system
  • Supporting normal yeast production for healthy ears and paws
  • Containing vital minerals and ingredients to help support vitamin production - not only for a healthy gut but healthy skin as well 

The best probiotic supplements for ongoing digestive support

Suitable for dogs following a plant-based diet

Super Tummy Daily promotes your dog's digestive health. It contains both prebiotics and probiotics to help boost the "good bacteria" in your dog’s gut. It also promotes healthy yeast production which helps good ear and paw health!

For a completely organic, natural digestive supplement that’s non-GMO, free of flavourings/colourings, pesticide-free and made entirely of plant-based ingredients - choose Super Tummy Daily.

Active ingredients:

  • Bacillus Subtilis
  • Bacillus coagulans
  • Fructo-Oligosaccharides
  • Cellulase

What can happen to a dog that doesn’t get enough probiotics?

Diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting and other digestive issues are common in dogs that don't get enough probiotics. We recommend giving your dog probiotics as a digestive supplement to ensure that the probiotics in your dog's digestive tract are renewed and last longer.


You may also be familiar with the term "prebiotics." But what is the difference between prebiotics and probiotics? Should you offer both to your dog as well?

Similarly to probiotics, prebiotics promote your dog's general health. However, prebiotics work by feeding the probiotics in your dog’s gut - so they are the perfect partner to probiotic supplements. It’s always best to use prebiotics and probiotics together.

You can find prebiotics in meals and ingredients like:

  • Mushrooms
  • Chinese radish
  • The root of the burdock
  • Dandelion greens

Fast-acting Diarrhoea Relief supplement for instant support

A blend of natural clays and electrolytes

If your dog’s suffering from diarrhoea and needs relief quickly - we recommend choosing a fast-acting digestive supplement for your dog, such as Super Tummy Instant.

Super Tummy Instant provides immediate relief for your dog's sensitive stomach in times of need. This dog digestive supplement contains 3 active super ingredients:

Active ingredients

  • Bentonite: A natural type of clay that collects and binds waste products from the body.
  • Attapulgite: An aluminium silicate-containing clay mineral that balances water loss and acts to bind pollutants. Ideal for supporting healthy digestion and firm stools.
  • Electrolytes: Chemical substances or minerals that combine to generate ions in your dog's natural fluids. They are crucial for preserving the correct hydration levels required for good metabolism.

Anal gland support for dogs to stop scooting

Formulated by vets

Scoot Stopper soft chews are a natural combination of active substances that offer more fibre to your dog's diet, bulk up the stool and reduce scooting. It comes in a tempting chicken and bacon flavour to ensure they don’t spit it back out!

Active ingredients

  • Flaxseeds
  • Psyllium Seed Husk
  • Dandelion Root
  • Pumpkin Powder
  • Beet Pulp

These digestive supplement chews are a great way to help keep your dog’s glands healthy and stop those expensive visits to the vet!


A strong digestive system should be a key part of your dog's long-term health plan. Dog digestive supplements help maintain the balance of the beneficial bacteria in your dog's digestive tract. We recommend probiotics to promote proper nutrition absorption, prebiotics to promote healthy stools and anal gland support to stop scooting. This trio of digestive dog supplements is sure to keep your dog happy and healthy for a long time.

If you have concerns that your dog may have a more serious underlying issue, please consult a vet to make sure they get the best treatment possible for their condition.

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