Colitis in dogs can be very worrying for pet parents - and very painful and in some cases dangerous for dogs. It’s caused when the large intestine (colon) becomes inflamed.  Colitis causes diarrhoea that can often contain blood and mucus.  

It is most commonly caused by your dog eating something unusual that causes gut irritation, a gut infection, worms or other parasites.  It's usually a one-off problem and most dogs will recover pretty quickly. 

What are the symptoms to look out for?

  • Soft, runny feces or feces with bright flecks of blood
  • Pain while defecating
  • Irregular eating habits
  • Weight loss
  • Increased defecating or flatulence
  • Inflammation or pain in the lower regions


Treating colitis starts by adjusting your dog’s diet...

The first step to treating colitis is identifying and resolving the underlying condition that is causing the inflammation of the colon. To deal with the symptoms of colitis in an otherwise healthy dog, a preferred approach is to fast your dog for 24 hours. Only do this if you have an otherwise healthy dog that just has sudden diarrhea, fasting for just 24 hours is fine. You should never withhold water, however, just food! 


We recommend a bland diet of boiled chicken and turkey rather than the traditional rice and ground beef diet that many veterinarians recommend. There are fewer carbohydrates and less sugar for abnormal gut flora to use as a food source. 


How long will it take for my dog to recover from colitis?

Treatment for colitis really does depend on how severe it is and how often it happens.  Most dogs recover from colitis within a few days and have no further issues.  However, some need ongoing treatment for a form of colitis that comes and goes throughout life.


There are a number of homeopathics, herbs, nutraceuticals, and different probiotic strains that are very helpful in reducing GI inflammation. Buddy & Lola’s Happy Tummy is a unique formulation for dogs, containing proven ingredients for a wide range of digestive benefits combines Probiotics (EU approved for canine use), dual action Prebiotics, Beta-1,3/1,6-glucans and Montmorillonite, offering maximum benefit for digestive disorders, especially loose/jelly motions like colitis! 

Will Buddy & Lola’s Happy Tummy help solve my dog's colitis issues?

Buddy & Lola’s Happy Tummy is here to help.  It’s a proven Probiotics Powder for sensitive stomachs and it contains no wheat or artificial ingredients.  Its optimum absorption and benefits can help improve all-round health.  It’s easy to simply sprinkle over your dog’s food; whether you feed wet or dry food, to help get the best goodness and gut bacteria needed for a balanced diet.

What if I need help IMMEDIATELY - runny poos and accidents are happening? 

The quickest, fastest and easiest solution to stop diarrhoea immediately is to administer a liquid formulation that contains two special ingredients which work incredibly when combined together:


  • Montmorillonite 
  • Activated Attapulgite



This is a very soft phyllosilicate group of minerals that form when they precipitate from water solution as microscopic crystals known as clay. It’s named after Montmorillon in France. The individual crystals of montmorillonite clay are not tightly bound so water can intervene, causing the clay to swell. The water content of montmorillonite varies and it increases in volume when it absorbs water. 


Activated Attapulgite

Activated Attapulgite is a magnesium aluminium phyllosilicate which occurs in a type of clay soil common to the South-eastern United States. When used in medicine, it physically binds to acids and toxic substances in the stomach and digestive tract. For that reason, it has often been used in antidiarrheal medications. 

We have created a highly effective solution that we call Tummy Buddy -Tummy Buddy | Fast Relief From Your Dog's Diarrhoea.   

After or during a bout of diarrhoea, it is generally recommended that you withhold food but not water, for up to 12 hours.  After this time, you can start feeding your pet a relatively bland and fat free diet.  

Read about the happy ending for dog owner Claire and her terrier...

Claire got in touch with us to ask for our help with her 12 year old terrier. With a horrible upset stomach and a couple of visits to the vet, her pup was suffering at toilet time which was diagnosed as Colitis.

Colitis is usually caused by eating something unusual that causes gut irritation, a gut infection, worms or other parasites.  It's usually a one-off problem and most dogs will recover pretty quickly. 

Claire used Buddy & Lola's Tummy Buddy for just 3 days before her lovely terrier was back to normal. Phew... what a relief. 

Claire says "I will ensure we are never without Tummy Buddy to hand. Excellent value and incredibly fast delivery. Thank you so much." 

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