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If your dog is already underweight and lethargic it can be incredibly worrying seeing them struggle to eat even the smallest amount of food....

That’s why we created WEIGHT GAINER. An all-natural calorie boost that you can simply sprinkle on to your dog’s existing food. Knowing how underweight dogs struggle with their food, our powdered supplement comes in a yummy chicken flavour that we hope your dog can’t resist tucking into!


We understand how important energy and proteins are for building your dog's muscle mass and weight which is why we have developed a product that will help dogs who are struggling to gain weight or are in need of further nutrition.


- Normalises blood glucose levels
- Promotes muscle recovery
- Contains healthy fats to support healthy skin and shiny coats


It's for...  
- Rescue Dogs
- Picky Eaters
- Underweight Dogs  
- Bully Breeds


Vegetable Powder; Soy
Protein; Flax Seed; Coconut Milk Powder; Pumpkin Protein

Digestibility Enhancer:
Saccharomyces Cerevisiae

Crude Protein 38% Crude Fibre 3% Crude Fat 44% Crude Ash <2%

Flavour Chicken
Size 300g


SMALL DOG (Up to 1kg) - 1 Scoop (7g)
MEDIUM DOG (11 - 20KG) - 2 Scoops (14g)
LARGE DOG (21 - 30KG) - 3 Scoops (21g)
EXTRA LARGE DOG( 31 - 40KG) - 4 Scoops (28g)
EXTRA EXTRA LARGE (40KG+ - 5 Scoops (35g)


Is this product good for muscle building in older dogs?      -It's good for strengthening muscle mass for all dogs, including more senior ones.

How many calories per scoop?                                              -Each 7g scoop contains 43 calories. Food labels are normally per 100g so that equates to over 614 calories per 100g.

Can i sprinkle on wet & dry food?                                            -Yes it can be sprinkled on both wet and dry food.

How big is one bag?                                                                 -The bag is 300g which should last an average size dog

Before & After Stories

A Boxer rescued from Romania, his owner rescued and adopted him as a 9 month year old puppy. He was very underweight with a very sensitive tummy. His owner has him on Buddy & Lola’s Happy Tummy as well as Weight Gainer and the verdict is that it is tongue-smackingly good.

A very underweight Welsh Collie with ongoing underlying health issues surrounding her growth and general size. She was put on Weight Gainer and already within the first month of use her owner reported that she felt more solid. Owner Erin has tried so many things over the last five years in an attempt for Skyla to be healthier and gain weight with no luck. Thankfully Buddy & Lola’s Weight Gainer is doing the trick!