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FREE 30-day vet access with evrey order!

What makes it great?

When you join the Buddy & Lola community we’ll give you access to a FREE vet helpline, 7 days a week. Whether you have a quick question about your dog or need an online video consultation, get personalised advice from real vets. Not bots.

How we can help

How do you access this benefit?

Hear it straight from the pack

This is the second time I’ve used this service and I am so impressed. I got a response within minutes. I love how convenient the service is as my dog hates going to the vets.

Such a useful, super speedy service that puts my mind at rest without needing to wait for a costly vet consult (that may or may not be needed.)

I've had Basil for less than a week and I've already used this service twice. Both times I had a response within minutes. It makes me feel much more secure knowing I have access to a Vet.

What an amazing service. I asked my question and they sent me a video back on what to do. They even checked that Iggy was ok the next day. Don’t hesitate to use this fantastic service.

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