What makes it great?

What makes it great?

When you buy a Buddy & Lola product we give you access to a FREE vet helpline, 7 days a week. Whether you have a quick question about your dog or need an online video consultation, get expert advice from real vets.Not bots.

Receive personalised care in under 5 minutes from UK-registered vets

Send as many texts, videos or audio messages between 8am and 10pm

Save money by avoiding unnecessary clinic visits and out of hour fees

How we can help

Small cuts and grazes
Intestinal issues (eg. vomiting, diarrhoea etc.)
Minor injuries & accidents
Eye & ear problems
Coughing & sneezing
Allergies & skin conditions

If your dog is having an emergency (not breathing, seizures, major injury etc.) please seek immediate help from an in-person vet.

How do you access this benefit?

How do you access

this benefit?

It's easy! Place an order and we'll send you a unique link to access your FREE trial. You don't need to enter any payment info- just a few personal details.

This will give you access to book a consultation with real vets. When booking, simply describe your dogs symptoms and choose a time that suits you.

Then, if you want to continue after your FREE trial, you can carry on for just £1.50 per month or £18 per annum. It's a no-brainer!

And, since 92% of dog owners who take their dog to the vets during ‘out-of-hours’ don’tactually needto…this could save you from a costly vet bill!

Hear it straight from the pack


This is the second time I’ve used this service and I am so impressed. I got a response within minutes. I love how convenient the service is as my dog hates going to the vets.


Such a useful, super speedy service that puts my mind at rest without needing to wait for a costly vet consult(that may or may not be needed.)


I've had Basil for less than a week and I've already used this service twice. Both times I had a response within minutes. It makes me feel much more secure knowing I have access to a Vet.