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FREE 24/7 vet support | for all subscribers

5★ customer support | 7 days a week

What makes it great?

What makes it great?

When you buy a Buddy & Lola product we give you access to a FREE digital veterinary support, 7 days a week. Whether you have a quick question about your dog or need an online video consultation, get expert advice from real vets. Not bots.

Receive personalised care direct to your phone from UK-registered vets

Send as many texts, videos or audio messages 24/7

Save money by avoiding unnecessary clinic visits and out of hour fees

FREE 12 month access for all Buddy & Lola subscription customers (or until your subscription ends)

How we can help

Small cuts and grazes
Intestinal issues (eg. vomiting, diarrhoea etc.)
Minor injuries & accidents
Eye & ear problems
Coughing & sneezing
Allergies & skin conditions

If your dog is having an emergency (not breathing, seizures, major injury etc.) please seek immediate help from an in-person vet.

How do you access this benefit?

How do you access

this benefit?

It's easy! Place a subscription order and we'll send you a unique link to register for the Vidivet app FREE. You don't need to enter any payment info- just a few personal details.

This will give you access to the Vidivet app where you can ask qualified vets any question about your dogs health.

And, since 92% of dog owners who take their dog to the vets during ‘out-of-hours’ don’t actually need to…this could save you from a costly vet bill!

Hear it straight from the pack


This is the second time I’ve used this service and I am so impressed. I got a response within minutes. I love how convenient the service is as my dog hates going to the vets.


Such a useful, super speedy service that puts my mind at rest without needing to wait for a costly vet consult(that may or may not be needed.)


I've had Basil for less than a week and I've already used this service twice. Both times I had a response within minutes. It makes me feel much more secure knowing I have access to a Vet.