Success Stories

We’re achieving milestones every day across our products. Reading reviews from fellow dog owners makes us realise our mission is alive!


5 OUT OF 5. When it’s time to get back to jumping on the sofa and chasing your tail! We heard how Buddy & Lola’s Bouncy Bones advanced joint aid is being used by one very happy dog owner, alongside wild fish oil and homemade golden paste and who found it even better than a market-leading brand. Customers have also told us that, as a powder, it’s easier to use too - since it seems that many dogs seem to hate ‘taking a tablet’ even more than some of us humans do! Bouncy Bones contains a whole range of amazing powerhouse nutrients to keep dogs f all ages and all breeds both active and happy. Top Tip – sometimes the measuring scoop provided seems to ‘disappear’ into the powder inside the container when it is moved. So, we’d suggest placing it back on top when you’ve finished measuring out the dose and then it’ll be ready and waiting for your ‘best buddy’ the next day.



We heard from owners of Miniature Schnauzer – Jasper – how Buddy & Lola’s Happy Tummy worked wonders and has now become a ‘must have’ in his household. As a sufferer from IBS and other gastric problems too; Jasper would get very ill if there was a change to his usual dinner or if he was offered a different food or treats but previous visits to the Vet hadn’t Really seemed to help. So, following a recent and particularly nasty bout of diarrhoea they turned to Buddy & Lola and after just a couple of doses of Buddy & Lola’s liquid Tummy Buddy he was much better and quickly regained his appetite. Now, Jasper has Buddy & Lola’s Happy Tummy daily digestive support on his dinner every evening (with its Probiotics and dual-action Prebiotics) and says that he is a much happier – and hungrier – dog. Oh, and did you know that it’s also helpful for itchy skin and other allergy related complaints too?
It’s always good to hear a Buddy & Lola success story that starts with these words! Margo is the cutest little Frenchie who joined her new owners at 9 weeks and was obviously very ‘gassy’, uncomfortable and itchy too despite various drug treatments from the Vet. Recommended by a friend, her owners decided to try Tummy Buddy and say that Buddy & Lola has changed her life. Little Margo spent a week on Tummy Buddy and then, as she’s still sensitive to dietary changes, she was gradually transitioned onto Happy Tummy and her happy owners are delighted to report that they now have ‘proper’ poop! – a miracle They’ll continue to use Happy Tummy to help build up those good tummy bacteria for a happy, healthy future for their beloved Margo.


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