Is your dog’s 'curious mouth' getting their digestive system into trouble?

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Relieved pet parents across the UK are excited to discover this gentle yet powerful combination designed to target troubling digestive issues, almost instantly…


July 4th 2021

Dog owners are giving this “tummy miracle” 5 stars as their furry friends bounce back to normal...and thrive!

Almost every dog will have a bout of diarrhoea at some point.

And if you’re a parent, there’s no escaping this. Because the fact is...

It’s not a matter of IF it will happen, but WHEN!

A sudden case of loose stools is worrying for any owner - not something you want your little pooch to experience regularly (or for you to clean up!)

(QUICK NOTE: it’s important when accidents happen in your home, not to reprimand them - this can stress them out or scare them, and make matters worse!)

And unlike cats, who simply throw it all up if they have tummy trouble…

Dogs tend to have lower GI problems, meaning their stools are more prone to becoming loose from disturbance or upset.

So what’s the most common cause of dog diarrhoea?

It’s called Dietary Indiscretion. In simple terms, it means they ate something they shouldn’t have…

So their body wants to get rid of it!

Immediate symptoms include: loose and runny poop that won’t firm up, plus tiredness, loss or loss of appetite.

What else can cause sudden bouts of runny poop in your dog?

Well, something that’s especially common is a change in diet…

Especially if they’ve been eating the same thing day in, day out for years! Mainly because their gut’s been conditioned to process only one type of food.

So it’s hardly surprising, right?

Then of course, there are times when some excessive bad bacteria gets into their gut, or stress, worry and anxiety are common triggers for digestive issues, too!

Because like humans, when they’re stressed their digestive system goes way off - think about nerves/anxiety and what it does to the feeling in your stomach?

Okay, so while it may sound obvious...

Your dog’s poop should be firm (like play dough), chocolate brown and the shape of a little log. It shouldn’t have anything sticking out or any odd lumps in it.

Your dog has loose stools...what else should you look for?

Well, an often confusing symptom is STRAINING.

Because while it can look more like constipation from a distance…

The diarrhoea still causes normal contractions of the muscles in your dog’s GI tract. This makes him feel like he has to constantly go and do a number two!  

So even though he’s hunched over and straining outside…

His colon is likely empty from repeated bouts of diarrhoea.

Meaning he thinks he needs to go, but doesn’t...until it suddenly comes out!

Now, while it’s critical to understand why your dog is experiencing this…

Not taking immediate action is the most dangerous threat to your pup’s health.

The consequences of diarrhoea can result in lethargy, loss of appetite (so they might lose weight quickly), and of course…


See, at any time of year, dehydration is serious - in the summer, it’s life-threatening.

Sure, puppies, seniors and small dogs ARE at higher risk of becoming dehydrated from sudden diarrhoea…

But no matter what size or breed of dog you have, diarrhoea must be dealt with immediately.*

This is where UK-based company Buddy & Lola are leading the way in doggy digestive supplements.


Their advanced nutrition, vet-approved healthcare supplements for dogs are now trusted nationwide…


Amassing an explosion of 5-star reviews with owners praising their dogs’ transformed digestion!


In fact, 1000s of dog owners are reporting dramatic results from using their “Happy Tummy” bundle.


Think of this like “CPR for your dog’s digestion.”


This really popular, established online brand has created a unique tummy rescue bundle. The idea is to stop your dog’s diarrhoea in its tracks, and then soothe their digestion, daily, with beneficial gut-friendly, natural nutrients.


It’s called the Happy Tummy Bundle. 


And if you’re wondering why this bundle is so wildly popular, just look at what these recent customers are saying...


So what’s in Buddy & Lola’s Happy Tummy Bundle?


This specially vet-approved formula provides instant, soothing relief for your pup’s upset tummy!

Tummy Buddy Instant’s clever, easy-to-give liquid formulation contains two major key ingredients that get to work by...


  • Stopping diarrhoea,
  • Eliminating nasty smells, and
  • Settling their tummy, FAST.


Its unique liquid form means a measured squirt & mix in their regular food, works wonders for even the fussiest of dogs!


>> Montmorillonite


Montmorillonite is a natural clay with anti-inflammatory properties and works by collecting and binding the unwanted wastes and toxins from your dog’s body.


>> Attapulgite


Attapulgite is a clay mineral that works to absorb or bind impurities whilst balancing water loss. Perfect for dealing with watery diarrhoea in dogs!

Happy Tummy was specially developed to provide long-term health benefits for your dog’s digestion. Each tasty scoop of daily, food-topping powder contains four gut-loving ingredients…


Each of these works together to stabilise and nourish your dog’s digestive environment by introducing a unique combination of:

  • A probiotic strain found naturally in the gut,
  • Two high-quality prebiotic sources,
  • Beta-glucans,
  • Natural absorptive clay.


>> Bacillus subtilis


An essential strain of good bacteria that helps support gut bacterial diversity. This particular strain can help support healthy digestion in your dog and improve fat and carbohydrate digestibility in dogs. It’s been shown to support healthier, higher quality feces in adult dogs.


>> Mannan-oligosaccharides


MOS for short, this is a prebiotic (source of fibre) that naturally occurs in plants and supports your dog’s digestive system. MOS helps feed good bacteria to support a healthy balance in their gut.


>> Fructo-oligosaccharides


Another excellent prebiotic, and also known as FOS, this ingredient improves absorption of calcium, iron, and other essential nutrients. It also teams up with MOS to give your pooch’s immunity a helping hand.


>> Beta-glucans


Beta-glucans 1-3 and 1-6 have been proven to support your canine’s immune system, and can even calm itchy skin and IBS. So they’re a great gut-health booster!


>> Montmorillonite


This clay helps to keep your canine regular by binding to toxins and flushing them away. It’s also a diarrhoea-busting ingredient that’s bursting with over 60 essential minerals.

Schauf, S., Nakamura, N., & Castrillo, C. (2019). Effect of Calsporin® (Bacillus subtilis C-3102) addition to the diet on faecal quality and nutrient digestibility in healthy adult dogs. Journal of Applied Animal Nutrition, 7, E3. doi:10.1017/jan.2019.2

You can see why the carefully selected ingredients in these tummy-soothing products are a hit!

It’s no wonder dog owners across the country are giving this “digestive duo” the thumbs up! With all-natural nutrients approved by veterinarians, these two work in tandem…


  1. The Tummy Buddy Instant liquid provides your poorly pooch with fast-acting relief from diarrhoea.


  1. Whilst the delicious and nutritious daily probiotic & prebiotic Happy Tummy Daily support is sprinkled over their food.


What’s more, your dog will love these since they’re specifically formulated to mix into their regular food! So no change to their diet is required.

Hungry Cocker Spaniel, Bertie loves his Happy Tummy products!

This unique bundle can help stop digestive issues and nourish their gut, long-term…

Once your dog’s tummy is soothed and the diarrhoea has stopped, the daily Happy Tummy powder helps aid their digestion long-term.

And a source of quality, beneficial gut nutrients found in Happy Tummy Daily  is the key to overall health & wellbeing...


  • Keep your dog’s digestion healthy and happy each day,
  • Support their immune system (gut health is is 80% of immune system)
  • Keep yeast overproduction under control
  • Ensures they thrive, full of energy and life!


PLUS, this powder is both convenient and tasty.

Where can you get this ‘digestion rescue’ bundle?

Tummy Buddy Instant and Happy Tummy Daily can only be bought online!

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As a result, dog owners are being urged to grab theirs whilst stocks are available right now!

Buddy & Lola have received amazing testimonials because the products have helped 1000s of dogs across the UK already.

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Please use products as directed.
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