It all started with Rusty the rescue...

There’s always a story behind the creation of a business and for Buddy & Lola that story started way back in 2009 with Rusty, the rescue.

We re-homed Rusty as a 7-year old Doberman/Labrador cross – a gentle giant who came to us as a senior dog – it was hard to believe when he was so full of life. Re-homing Rusty was an important step for us as we felt he’d complete our family after we got married.  Like so many rescue dogs, we had no idea of his past and it took a long time for him to settle in with us in his forever home.  But with love, nurturing and plenty of time and care he became one of the happiest dogs we’d ever met, sleeping on his favourite couch and dreaming of big bones.  

It didn’t stop there… the pack grew! 

We later added to our family as two more rescue dogs joined the pack - Misty the Trailhound in 2010 and crossbreed Jessie in 2012.  In fact these two are the inspiration behind our logo which features them. 

Misty was a sensitive girl who was worried about life in general. Nervous of strangers and unsure of herself at every turn, 18 months old Misty quickly buddied up to Rusty - often stealing his favourite spot on the sofa! They rubbed along together nicely but it soon became obvious to us that Misty would thrive with other dogs for company, and who were we to argue. That’s when we chose Jessie to join our growing family. A bundle of energy with very big paws. Jessie’s breed remains unknown, some have hinted at her being a Boxer Cross whilst others can see Staffordshire Bull Terrier in her and even Border Terrier. To us, her breed doesn’t matter. What matters is that she’s an incredible dog who is so friendly - if a little boisterous - and she gave Misty the confidence to come out of her shell. 


So one later became three, and then back to two...

Rusty aged well. He’d love to gallop around his favourite fields daily and even when his health took a turn for the worse, still he always showed such love and loyalty. We lost Rusty in 2015 after six wonderful years and we went on to create Buddy & Lola in 2016 as we’d become more and more aware of our own lack of knowledge in how best to help him as he aged.  We knew we needed and wanted to learn more and to take a more proactive approach to consciously care for our much-loved rehomed dogs. Rusty was a very special dog and we love that he was the inspiration to start Buddy & Lola and to help so many other family dogs enjoy their “best lives” for as long as possible.

Rusty the rescue’s legacy lives on as Buddy & Lola goes from strength to strength and so do the dogs that we help every day. 

Team Buddy & Lola

Clare, Harriette & Charles are the driving force before behind Buddy & Lola.

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