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We know how keen you are to help your pooch regain their true potential, and each of our products is formulated slightly differently to help them achieve that.

For products such as Tummy Buddy these have been formulated to see results quickly – within hours for many, and certainly within a couple of days for 95% of our customers.

For our other products, that are more about a dietary change, many of our customers will see a result within the first two weeks of use, however as every dog is different with varying internal systems, it can often take a few months for full results to be seen depending on the nature of the product. 

Genuinely, if you have any nutritional questions, please email us for further information – and we’ll be happy to get our expert team to help.  

Absolutely! We have taken as much care as possible to make sure our products can help dogs throughout their lives. Please see the product specific guidelines below.

Tummy Buddy - puppies can use this from six weeks old.

Happy Tummy and Bouncy Bones - both products are fine to use from birth if needed.

Weight Gainer - this can be given to puppies from twelve weeks old.

Absolutely! We have taken as much care as possible to make sure our products can help dogs throughout their lives. 

Yes, all Buddy & Lola products are suitable for diabetic dogs and for diabetes in particular we recommend that you speak to your vet prior to using any of our products.

Absolutely, it’s so important to get the dosing right, and we understand this, so we supply a syringe with our Tummy Buddy product and scoops with all other powdered products.

For the scoops, these sometimes work their way down to the bottom of the pouch and could be difficult to spot. We recommend giving the container a good shake and you should find it!

Any issues, just email us at and we’ll be happy to help!

Great Question! We have tried really hard to create a range of products that can cater for all shapes and sizes of dog, and therefore the dosing guides, and timescales for use, are also different.

If you head to our product pages here you will see that each product has a specific section on dosage, so please refer to the guidelines and images for the exact figures.

We are proudly British and our team have been manufacturing superb dog supplements for over 50 years in our UK factory.

We are incredibly pleased to say that the products you will receive are 

UFAS accredited (Universal Feed Assurance Scheme), enabling us to guarantee full traceability on all the ingredients and accreditation to International Standard ISO 17065.

Compliant with the Food Safety Act, Food Hygiene Regulations and the Feed Hygiene Regulation (Our Reg. number is: GB 226 0636)

Meet HACCP Standards (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) that control biological, chemical and physical hazards from raw material production, procurement, handling, manufacturing, distribution and consumption.

Inspected annually by Trading Standard for Quality assurance and compliance.

If these FAQ’s don’t quite hit the spot, please send us an email at and we’ll be really happy to help, or contact us using this form:



Absolutely! This is a core principle that we hold dear.

We offer a full money back guarantee if you are not entirely satisfied with your Buddy & Lola product. 

FYI - Many customers see a difference in their dog’s health and wellness within a few weeks however for several of our products please allow at least 4 weeks to see optimum results! Contact us at if you have any questions at all, we’d love to help.

We understand that helping your dog is incredibly important so we’ve partnered with an amazing delivery team who aim to get our products out to you as quickly as possible.

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Drat! That makes us very unhappy indeed. We aim to deliver all of our superb products to you safely, and in a timely manner.

Please email with your order number so we can check our system and follow up for you. We will fix this!

We don’t unfortunately, but we hope to in the future!

However, if you are in the USA, you can get our products directly from HERE (lucky you!)

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