At Buddy & Lola HQ we always do a little happy dance when we hear how our products help our canine customers. This week’s product spotlight falls on our most popular product – Tummy Buddy. With over 550 reviews we enjoy reading each and every one.

What to do when your dog suffers from horrid stomach troubles?

Claire contacted us to say that her French Bulldog suffered horrific diarrhoea and sickness due to both his hiatus hernia and after B.O.A.S surgery and nothing she tried helped until she found Buddy & Lola Tummy Buddy.

One hour after his first dose he was looking brighter and his next poo was 50% better and by the following day, having only had two doses his poo was solid. On day three there was no reflux sick or diarrhoea and Claire told us that she was honestly amazed and can’t thank Buddy & Lola enough “Tummy Buddy is magic, and I will always have this in my cupboard in future

How to stop your dog's stomach conditions including vomiting and bowel movements without multiple trips to the vet?

Anne told us about her nine year old blind chocolate Labrador called Koko. Koko had been suffering with vomiting and loose bowel movements and following numerous tests at the Vet thankfully nothing untoward was discovered. Koko was prescribed costly medication by the Vet which didn’t make much of a difference and if the dosage was reduced then symptoms returned.

Anne decided to try Buddy & Lola's fast action stomach reliever, Tummy Buddy, and the difference it made was amazing. She added it to Koko’s food, and it resulted in her eating better, no longer vomiting and normalising her bowel movements. Anne noticed that Koko was happier and a bit bouncier in herself also. Anne told us “Your product is certainly making a huge difference and Koko and I say thank you

The best treatment for your dog's sensitive stomach?

Johnny told us about his Rottweiler Bruno who has always had a sensitive stomach and he went through many episodes of getting Bruno to the vet, ending up paying lots of money to bring Bruno back on his feet. Ever since he ordered Tummy Buddy there was no need for these visits to the vet anymore, and just as importantly, no more expensive vet bills. Johnny said that every time Bruno shows signs of an upset stomach, he gives him Tummy Buddy and his stomach settles down in about 30 minutes. It simply works. Johnny told us that one bottle lasted approximately one year in his case.

Fast acting stomach relief for dogs

Quick and Effective Tummy Pain Relief For Dogs

Whilst not strictly magical, Tummy Buddy is an effective, fast acting digestive supplement which is veterinarian formulated with only the ingredients needed to fight stomach upsets, infections and indigestion. It relieves gastrointestinal inflammation and flatulence, with a fast-acting soothing effect.

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