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It’s not uncommon for puppies to suffer from a bout of diarrhoea.  They have undergone a lot of changes in their young lives within a short space of time.  Leaving mum and their litter mates and moving to a new home – it’s all very exciting, but also a big change in routine and probably diet too which can lead to upset tummies. 

So, it’s helpful to allow plenty of time to adjust to their new environment, with a daily routine allowing ‘quiet time’ and ‘naps’ alongside feeding at regular times and, of course, play and exercise too. Especially until they’ve completed all their routine vaccinations. Don’t forget that puppies are incredibly curious about their new world and, just like human babies, they do try to put everything into their mouth to test whether or not they can eat it! 

When changing your puppy’s diet, it is important to do so slowly by increasing the proportion of new food gradually over a period of around 7-10 days as some may have sensitive tummies or not adapt well to a particular type or brand of food. 

What to do …

If the worst happens and you are facing ‘puddles of poop’ on the kitchen floor – Buddy & Lola is here to help. 

BUDDY & LOLA TUMMY BUDDYcan help to deal with the vast majority of tummy troubles; helping to stop diarrhoea and upset stomachs with those accompanying ‘nasty niffs’ as well as potentially expensive damage to the flooring and furniture in your home.    It’s suitable for all sizes and breeds and – great news - it’s specially formulated to be good for puppies from the age of 6 weeks.  Made in the UK using only the finest, traceable and approved ingredients, it’s vegan friendly, recyclable and easy to use with a reusable syringe included for free. 

It’s key ingredients are:

Montmorillonite - anti-inflammatory and works by collecting and binding the unwanted wastes and toxins from the body.  A natural clay product named after the area in France where it was found.

Attapulgite – a clay mineral containing aluminium silicate, working to absorb or bind impurities whilst balancing water loss so it’s perfect for dealing with diarrhoea in dogs whose stool is usually very watery with irregular bowel movements.

So, let’s eliminate those ‘nasty niffs’ and say goodbye to ‘liquid poop’ PLUS avoid expensive damage to your floors and furniture!

If, however, your precious puppy continues to be unwell please make an appointment to see your Vet to ensure he hasn’t eaten something he shouldn’t, been exposed to parasites, or caught a nasty bug.  

Here’s some comments from happy and relieved dog owners who’ve tried Buddy & Lola’s Tummy Buddy … 

Justine has a young Golden Retriever pup and told us that after long 12 weeks of being poorly, within just 48 hours with the help of Tummy Buddy his pooh had already returned almost to normal. 

Shelley has a Tibetan Terrier pup who was suffering from an upset stomach and says  Buddy & Lola’s Tummy Buddy ‘cleared it up really quickly. 

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