Dogs love their walkies and this week is National Walk Your Dog Week! So, make the best of it, get out in the fresh air and enjoy a long walk with your dog. 

A dog walk offers more than just exercise for your dog … and for you!  Not only does it offer the chance to explore their surroundings, but if you come across other dog walkers - that’s a great opportunity to interact with other dogs and people in order to encourage socialisation which is important to prevent your dog becoming anxious, confused or threatened when they meet someone new or visit a new place and possibly even result in aggressive behaviours.

Mental stimulation is just as important for dogs as it is for people – helping prevent boredom and promote good health and happy feelings.  Regular walks offer one-to-one attention and bonding; whether it’s on the lead or playing fetch in the park.  Exploring new sights, smells and sounds provides those differing experiences leading to a more relaxed, tired and happy dog!

Every dog can benefit from a walk; releasing some of that boundless energy, helping keeping weight gain under control and also helping to keep older dogs active and keep their joints moving.  Just be sure to match your dog’s walks to his energy levels. 

So, head out together to enjoy the countryside, park, beach or whatever green space you have nearby.

P.S. If you can’t get out, why not set up an obstacle course at home for your dog; to weave around objects and through play tunnels. 

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