Dog walks are awesome – we love to see Buddy & Lola with tails held high and wagging and they just love their walks.  You know what, we love it just as much as they do.  “Taking the dog out” is great for the soul, bringing a sense of calm and peace with space to breathe. 

 Your backyard doesn’t always provide all the sensory stimulation needed to in order to do what their breed instinct tells them to do and they don’t really exercise on their own.  So get out in the fresh air and get walking, or even running, with your dog.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s out in the countryside, on the beach or at the local dog park if you live in town.  Dogs love to get outdoors; to have a real good sniff and socialise with other dogs so it’s a great chance for play and even some training too which will help strengthen the bond with your dog.   Not only does your dog need to relieve himself but they also need time to stop and smell as dogs learn about the world around them through their noses.  Regular exercise is essential regardless of size, breed, gender or age to keep them healthy too - helping prevent weight-gain and holding at bay degenerative joint diseases in older dogs. 

 So grab a lead, whistle up the pup, and go for a walk—today and every day!  Dog walking is a great way to jumpstart a healthy lifestyle program.  Your dog is the perfect personal trainer; always enthusiastic, motivated and never skips a walk because the weather’s bad or he has something else to do!  To help, why not post a calendar on the refrigerator, mark up a schedule for each day and add a sticker for every 30 minutes’ walk completed.  Did we mention that dog walking is great for your social life too as dog owners are usually such friendly folk and love to stop and say “hi” to other dogs and their owners.