Social Media Has Gone To The Dogs

A recent US study by BarkBox reveals that dog parents post about their dog on social media an average of six times a week!  In fact, many pampered pets have their own social media feeds.  Proof that people treat their dogs as a much-loved member of the family and that where maybe just a generation ago the dog may have been kept in the yard, now he’s “signing” the family’s Christmas cards.  Statistics show that American dog parents watch dog videos or check out dog photos 3 times a week on social media and one in ten of us have created a social media account for our pooch.  It seems we’re posting like crazy about our dogs and just like our children, want to show just how much we love them. We want to get more “likes” or “comments” on those posts than we do our own profile photo.  On Instagram, #dog comes up more than a million times and many of the most followed accounts feature cute dog photos.

The trend has led to an explosion of “pet celebrities” like Doug the Pug from New York who has nearly 2.5 million followers and Manny the Frenchie from Chicago with 1 million followers

We also love to take photos of our own pups, meaning that around 20% of the photos on our cellphones are of our dogs and nearly half of us have our dog as the cover photo on our phone or computer.  It’s even said that we’ll go into withdrawal when we’re away from our dog and will watch them on a webcam, Skype or FaceTime.  In fact, nearly one-third of us say they have a household security camera which they mostly use to check on the dog when they’re out.