At Buddy & Lola we believe that all our canine and feline customers are stars in their own right, however we were recently contacted by the owner of a very gorgeous Instagram superstar who set our hearts aflutter with his gorgeous wrinkles! This week our product spotlight focuses on our fantastic Buddy & Lola Happy Tummy.

Ned is a one-year old British Bulldog and he had been diagnosed with a yeast problem. He had hotspots with blackening skin particularly around the tops of his legs. Ned was put on a raw diet and we recommended our Buddy & Lola Happy Tummy. Happy Tummy is a daily probiotic powder that improves digestive enzymes, reduces toxins and boosts the immune system. It is great for sensitive stomachs and dogs that suffer with itchy skin. After a month Ned’s owner Clare let us know that his skin was starting to improve, and the blackening was getting lighter and his fur was starting to come back.

These photos, taken just four weeks apart, show Ned before and after taking his Buddy & Lola Happy Tummy. We are so pleased to see how Ned is getting on and you can follow his adventures on Instagram @naughtyned_britishbulldog

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