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If you weren’t aware, Buddy & Lola are literally bombarded every day with  positive and transformational stories from our raving fans :)

The same ones who continually get incredible results for our digestive health products. And with good reason.

See, yourdog’s digestive problems and skin conditions are super common amongst dogs (which you know already) but finding ways to treat them? Not so easy.

The issue is that many customers hop around from one product to another, hoping the next one will work better than the one before it. But that doesn’t help your little friend's tummy.

The reason they’ve got frequent digestive issues comes from either eating things they shouldn’t…

Or from switching diets. So in an ideal world, you want to try and avoid giving them too many changes. So it’s best to find a brand of supplements that delivers all-natural ingredients. Ingredients that are proven to support your dog’s tummy troubles from those emergency “runny bum” long-term digestive support.

A few of our biggest fans include owners’ dogs Bertie, Ruby as well as Pandora & Kiki! 



“Bertie suffers from digestive problems. Buddy & Lola helped settle down his acid reflux and poor digestion



“We’ve been using the Buddy & Lola products for a couple of months now and the dogs are absolutely thriving! They’re easy to use, so Happy Tummy Daily and Bouncy Bones are a great addition.”



“We were recommended to use Buddy & Lola’sTummy Buddy and really quite quickly her stools started to firm up, which was fantastic!”

With incredible results like these, it’s no wonder dog owners across the UK are keeping their cupboards stocked with these fast-acting products. 

And we know from helping over 100,000 dog owners find the right nutritional support for their beloved friends, that there’s absolutely no doubt... 

Healthier dogs are always happier dogs! 

Joins thousands of parents seeing incredible results in their dogs’ health and wellbeing...

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