Lights, Camera, Action!

We’re excited to bring you a brand-new marketing campaign promoting our health supplements, designed to make life better for your dog.
A Labrador, Miniature Schnauzer, Golden Retriever, Boston Terrier and a Bull Terrier Cross were recently whisked off to a top North London film studio to shoot video content for Buddy & Lola’s new campaign which will run across major social media platforms this autumn.
The campaign will centre around our brand-new product 15-in-1 Daily SuperBoost, designed to be a daily all-rounder to aid digestion, mobility and healthy skin, alongside Weight Gainer which has enjoyed huge success in the US market.
Ever wondered what goes into a shoot with dogs? Just take a look...
1 trendy photo studio
60 hours of planning 
5 dog models
5 dog owners
1 creative director
1 assistant director 
1 production director
1 chief in charge of cuddles & pats 
1 MacBook
8 hours on location
6 hours of live video footage
2 canine ‘observers’
1 tireless mind-reading assistant
1 30-minute lunch-break
5 bags of dog treats
4 squeaky toys
2 balls
2 squishy dog beds
countless slurps of water, fun and woofs!
= one amazing doggy video shoot! 
Think about that the next time you order a doggie health product from Buddy & Lola🙂
Check out this write up in the Eastern Daily Press Newspaper - 21 September 2020 giving you the full lowdown on the shoot. >>>
Pictured left to right: Whisky, Milo, Ruby, Missy & Megan