When you’re lucky enough to have a four-legged doggy friend as part of your family, you also become responsible for their happiness, health and wellbeing.  So, let’s celebrate Pet Wellness Month this October with 5 top tips to help you take care of your best Buddy (or Lola!).


  1. Regular check-ups– we need to remember that our pets age faster than we do. So, everything, from their joint health to their digestive requirements, change over time too.  Keeping their vaccinations up to date as well as regular check-ups with your Vet will help to spot any early signs of preventable illnesses or other problems.


  1. Weight Management – just like us humans, dogs can become overweight if they are eating too much or not moving enough! Obesity in dogs brings many health problems, negatively impacting on quality of life and life expectancy; placing added stress on the body, including additional pressure on joints.  So, it’s good to manage your dog’s weight with a healthy diet and regular exercise.


  1. Dental Health -to quote the words of poet Pam Ayres … “Oh, I wish I’d looked after me teeth!”. Dental care is just as important for our dogs as it is for us. Keeping their teeth clean, strong and healthy will help prevent periodontal disease which, if left untreated, can lead to far more serious problems - and will keep their smile looking great!


  1. Quality time– spending time and interacting with your dog is an important factor for their physical, mental and emotional health. They need social interaction and mental stimulation just like us. Otherwise, bad habits may develop through boredom.  You’ll reap the benefits of time spent with your dog as you find out more about their character and what are their “normal behaviours”, helping to recognise when they’re not acting normally and may be feeling unwell. 
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