Your dog’s weight is an essential factor in his health too.  Most of us know that it’s more usual for dogs to need to lose a bit in order to achieve a healthy weight, but some dogs do need to ‘put on the pounds’. Dogs can be underweight for a number of different reasons.  If they’re a recently rescued former stray dog maybe, or if recovering from illness or injury – or they may just be a ‘picky eater’.  But with special care and nutrition these dogs can get back to a healthy weight which will help bring back vitality and ‘bounce’.

How do you know if your dog is underweight?

First, simply take a good look – can you see his ribs, his spine and pelvic bones with no real covering of body fat?  Has his coat lost its healthy shine and does he seem lacking in energy?

If the answer is ‘yes’, then he maybe underweight.  First step is a visit to the Vet to ensure there’s no underlying medical issues.  If not, you can start to help your dog achieve his healthy weight.

Think about his diet and ensure you provide a quality dog food with high levels of calories and protein.

Follow the guidelines on the food but try dividing into smaller meals spread throughout the day to ensure he gets the necessary calories.  If using a dry food, try to make sure it’s available throughout the day so he can eat whenever he’s hungry. This is best for dogs with smaller appetites; as if your dog eats his food too quickly that can cause tummy upsets.  Also, don’t leave ‘wet’ food out all day as it may ‘spoil’. 

Sometimes, ‘picky eaters’ are more reluctant to eat dry food, so you could try adding a little canned food to encourage him; and he’ll get extra calories too.  You could also try switching to a different brand or flavour or a dog food specially formulated for gaining weight

If your vet may suggests feeding more than the recommended amount until your dog reaches a healthy weight, be sure then to cut back portion size to the feeding amount recommended for maintenance and continue to monitor your dog’s weight regularly.

Here at Buddy & Lola, we understand how important energy and proteins are for building your dog’s muscle mass and weight and we’ve created WEIGHT GAINER to help. It’s an all-natural calorie boost that you simply sprinkle on your dog’s existing food.  Our powdered supplement comes in a yummy chicken flavour that we believe your dog will love tucking into.

 Here’s the technical information:


-   It’s great for Rescue dogs, picky eaters and underweight dogs as well as Bully breeds and nursing mothers. It normalises blood glucose levels and promotes muscle recovery and contains healthy fats to support healthy skin and shiny coats.


-   It can be sprinkled on wet or dry dog food.

 -   It comprises vegetable powder, soy protein, flax seed, coconut milk powder and pumpkin protein.

 -   Feed Additives per Kg – Digestibility Enhancer – Saccharomyces Cerevisiae – 10,000mg

 -   Analytical Constituents – 38% Crude Protein, 3& Crude Fibre, 44% Crude Fat, <2% Crude Ash

 -   Weight Gainer is Chicken Flavour and comes in a 300g pack

 -   Good for strengthening muscle mass in all dogs, including seniors.

 -   Handy 7g scoop contains 43 calories.  (Food labels are usually per 100g so Weight Gainer equates to over 614 calories per 100g.  Each pack of Weight Gainer contains 300g so should last a month for an average size dog.

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