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When you come down in the morning to discover a runny puddle of mess on your carpet or kitchen floor...the quickest, fastest and easiest way to target this issue is to administer a liquid formulation...

One that contains three carefully measured ingredients that work incredibly effectively when combined together:

  • Montmorillonite 
  • Activated Attapulgite
  • Electrolytes

  • How Does Montmorillonite Help Support Your Dog?

    This is a very soft phyllosilicate group of minerals that form when they precipitate from water solution as microscopic crystals, known as clay. It’s named after Montmorillon in France.

    The individual crystals of montmorillonite clay are not tightly bound so water can intervene, causing the clay to swell. The water content of montmorillonite is variable and it increases in volume when it absorbs water.

    How Does Activated Attapulgite Help Support Your Dog?

    Activated Attapulgite is a magnesium aluminium phyllosilicate which occurs in a type of clay soil common to the Southeastern United States.

    When used in medicine, it physically binds to acids and toxic substances in the stomach and digestive tract. For that reason, it has often been used in digestive remedies. 

    How Do Electrolytes Help Support Your Dog?

    Electrolytes are chemical elements or minerals that form ions in body fluids. Important for dogs that are being sick or have runny bums because they can lose a significant amount of fluids and become dehydrated.

    Leave Your Dog's Digestive Worries Are Behind Them...

    Whilst you could look to purchase and combine these items individually, the fact is, they won't be as's the COMBINATION of all 3 that makes Happy Tummy Instant so effective at delivering results! 

    We have made life much easier by creating a highly effective solution that we call Happy Tummy Instant - Fast-Acting Ingredients For Your Dog's Digestion.   

    After or during an "unexpected episode," it's generally recommended that you withhold food but not water, for up to 12 hours after the event. After this time, you then begin feeding your pet a relatively bland and fat free diet 12 hours later.  

    >> Michelle, the owner of a 10 year old Lurcher referred to Happy Tummy Instant as 'MAGIC JUICE'. She shared with us her story, about how they had...

    "Tried all sorts of things from natural to expensive and this is the only thing that has worked. We have a fussy lurcher with a very sensitive tummy, she is quite happy to take this medicine with her food and it works after just one dose"

    >>Suzanne's 1 year old Boston Terrier puppy was suffering from a sensitive stomach too. She explained, "We have a Boston terrier puppy who since we've had him has been a bit of a battle to find the right food.. Just as I think I've found something to suit he starts. With his funny tummy. Since giving him Buddy & Lola Happy Tummy Instant everything has been normal everyday and he seems a much happier settled puppy now.

    >> Linda's 12 year old Cocker Spaniel, just like most Spaniels had a knack for eating things he shouldn't so she kept Happy Tummy in reserve ... "I purchased Happy Tummy to have available in cupboard because Floss frequently has an upset tummy from eat food or feaces she finds on her walks. I’m so relieved I had it in the cupboard.

    I returned from a brief shopping trip and whilst I was away she had found the suet pellets and eaten virtually the whole bag. I gave her 2 doses that day and one dose each day for following 2 days. Seems to have relieved her discomfort. I like the product. Seems effective. I like the syringe."

    Of course, we recommend that if your dog’s issues haven’t gone away you seek veterinary advice. CLICK HERE TO DISCOVER INCREDIBLE RESULTS

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