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Well, it happens to us all sometimes doesn’t it - even our much-loved canine best friends!  It’s never easy to see your dog in discomfort or even distress – you know that something’s the matter but, unfortunately, they can’t tell you just how they feel. 

What's causing your dog's upset stomach?

Most dogs eat a diet that is relatively unvaried and most people assume that dogs have a tough digestive system – after all it’s predecessors were wolves!  But, domestication and selective breeding can mean that just like people, some dogs are susceptible to that “rumbly tummy” … or indigestion.

Often, eating the wrong food, too much food or a certain type of food may cause unpleasant symptoms.

Your dog's upset stomach leads to diarrhoea and vomiting too...

This can lead to excessive stomach acid build-up and inflammation of the stomach or intestine, which cause pain, discomfort and bloating – just like in us humans.  The dog’s body of course tries to release the pressure – at one end or the other!

What are the symptoms of an upset stomach in your dog?

  • Weight loss

  • Lip Smacking and gulping

  • Bloated tummy

  • Vomiting and/or Diarrhoea

  • Bad breath

  • Eating grass

  • Flatulence!

  • Change in behaviour


Recommended dog stomach treatment for your dog

Buddy & Lola Tummy Buddy is here to help.

Containing Montmorillonite, it’s soothing and fast-acting in a time of need to help stop diarrhoea and reduce gassiness and itching, with results expected within just 24-48 hours.

If symptoms persist for more than 3 or 4 days, we’d always recommend seeking veterinary advice.

How To Stop Dogs Upset Stomach Pains and Gurgling


Does Tummy Buddy really work?

If you’ve heard the gurgle, can visibly see their discomfort or spotted some of the symptoms as mentioned above then it’s time to act and that is exactly what Susan did to help her Tibetan Terrier…

"His tummy had been bad for a week and thankfully I came across this product whilst searching the best treatments online. All the advice I found online, I had already tried.

Then I saw this with such great reviews.

So I ordered a bottle of ‘Tummy Buddy’ which arrived super quick. I gave one dose immediately and another at teatime. Guess what. I have a clean garden. No more cleaning up 5 pools of poo and hosing down the paving.

This really does work. I can’t believe it, it’s amazing. I will always have some in my cupboard from now on. Thanks Buddy & Lola."

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