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Happy Tummy Daily Success Stories


Natalie Bannister

Frankie’s poops are the best they’ve been since having him! The first few days (also while we were switching back from raw to a fish based kibble) was liquid and blood. We had to clean him up after every toilet-going but now, they are better than ever, his ear seems to be not as smelly (still smelly) but it’s still early days.

Thank you Buddy & Lola!



Kirsty Darkes

Thank you for allowing us to join your group. I did leave feedback on your website but I would also like to post it on here too as I can’t express enough how much Happy Tummy Daily powder helped our Duke.

My 1 year old Greyhound was diagnosed with Gastroenteritis. There was blood for his stools (and I mean like liquid) and vomit when eating his food and a bland diet. He had lost an awful amount of weight due to being unwell for so long. I decided to try Happy Tummy as I really was running out of options.

I really do wish I had known about this product from the start!

After 3 days of 3 scoops each morning Duke was back to his normal self! Scoffing his dog food, hard stools and no blood! Duke didn’t even think twice about eating his food with the powder. The bowl was empty in no time! This really is an unreal product for an absolute bargain price. This is Duke before and after using Happy Tummy. I can’t recommend this product enough. Duke now has Happy Tummy with his daily feeding routine. 

Thank you Buddy & Lola ❤️



Su Lee Morpeth

Just feel an update is due on our use of the Happy Tummy Daily. We have been using it for just over 3 weeks now and the difference in Jenny's overall condition is truly amazing. Not only are poo's consistently good, but it's also wacked the acid reflux on the head, and her manic grass eating is a thing of the past! 

Her coat is even shinier than it was, but notably softer. Her whole demeanor has lifted quite dramatically which is a massive bonus. Jenny lost her little long time companion in April and to see her sad little lost face has been heartbreaking.

Now I'm just not sure how much of her sadness has been grief and how much has been her whole system needed rebalancing!

She is a different little dog, and I really have to credit the Happy Tummy Daily in the main for this transformation. Now using the HP Chews which she loves so hoping our success  story continues. x

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