Enjoying Summer With Your Dog

Make the most of what may be the last of this year’s warm, sunny days.  Get out and have some late summertime fun with your dog now that it’s not too hot to be out all day!  (Psst – a little reminder – don’t forget to take those all-important “doggy bags” with you.)

 Here’s a couple of ideas …

  • Put your favourite tunes on the radio and head out on the open road.  (Don’t forget to break the journey for a quick doggy “comfort break”!) 
  • Nowhere in the UK is more than 2 hours from the sea, so why not head to your nearest dog-friendly beach.  Most dogs love to paddle, many even love to swim but be sure to watch them carefully and don’t let them go too far out.  Your dog will love a run along the shoreline too – no doubt with a few stop-offs to dig in the sand.  Make sure to take a towel to dry off dogs who can’t resist the water!
  • If you don’t fancy the coast, why not pack up a picnic and head for your favourite countryside beauty spot for a good long walk.  Why not make some “pooch pupsicles” especially for your 4-legged friend!  Combine strawberries, melon, yoghurt and even a bit of doggy chocolate into an ice pop mould and freeze.  Or, for a savoury treat, mix no-salt chicken stock with mashed veg and freeze. 
  • Whichever direction you head off, don’t forget their favourite tug toy or a ball too.