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Want to know how Buddy & Lola's leading joint supplement is helping to give happier dogs that new lease of life? Just read these incredible reviews from parents all over - 

Bouncy Bones!

My 10 year old female German Shepherd dog suffers from arthritis and crucial ligament damage. The vet fees was costing a fortune, buying so many products that just didn't seem to be working to ease my dog's discomfort 😔😔

I was about to give up looking for any other products online that could make my dog feel better, then I read about bouncy bones and decided to give this a try.

A week into using this bouncy bones on my dog I couldn't believe the amount of improvement it's made to her 😃😃

Her mobility has improved so much!

For a year she was unable to climb up onto the sofa, yet to my surprise she climbs onto the sofa without feeling any pain for the first time in a year.

She is walking still with a limp but she definitely walking quicker than usual and is definitely more stable than she has been for many months.

I'm so chuffed that bouncy bones has helped my dog in a number of ways, thank you bouncy bones 😃😃😃😃😃😃

A huge difference!

My 15 year old beagle has suffered stiff joints for a few years. We've used a couple of other products in the past which haven't helped provide ease for him.

He started with Bouncy Bones around 2 months ago and the improvement has been life changing for him.

Clearly his rear legs aren't causing him any distress and he has perked up considerably since we switched to Bouncy Bones. Can't remember (on behalf of me as a wary owner and my beagle!) enough. Thank you!

Got my dog back

My 10 year old dog has been on Metacam since having both her cruciate ligaments done. As there has been issues with obtaining this due to covid l decided to give bouncy bones a try. Wow, l now have my old dog back, full of energy and full of life. No more Metacam!!

Really helps!

It definitely helps my dog who has had trouble with his joints/hips for a while. He's nearly 10 and chasing balls and long walks for him are off the cards. He is definitely much happier and less lame for this supplement.

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