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While New Year’s Eve is great fun for families (even if the kids don’t make it ‘til midnight)’s often terrifying for dogs. Statistics suggest that almost half of all dogs are scared of fireworks - not surprising either!

So, here are 6 tips we hope you’ll find helpful to make it as stress-free as possible for your four-legged best friend.

• Have you ever thought of playing an online video of fireworks at relatively low volume while your dog is calm and quiet? This may help start to familiarise him with the noises in a safe environment.

• On December 31st, it’s probably a good idea to ensure your dog gets plenty of “walkies” during the day so he might be more tired by the time it gets dark and the fireworks start to “whizz” and “bang”. If you know your dog will get anxious, try to feed him before it gets dark or he may not want to eat. Also, make sure your dog has his own “safe space” that he’s used to; if he’s used to a crate, you could cover it with a blanket for extra security.

• It’s a good idea to make sure that all doors and windows are securely closed, partly to deaden the noise of course but also to make sure he can’t escape if frightened.

• Raising the volume of the TV or radio will also help disguise the noise of the fireworks and playing games with favourite toys to distract him may help too.

• If you know your dog reacts badly to fireworks but you really can’t be at home with him, why not ask if somebody else can come and sit with him while you’re away? Give them some suggestions about what they should do to keep him calm.

• Lastly, if you do have to take your dog outside, please make sure he’s wearing a collar with his ID on it, just in case he makes a run for it!

So aside from doing everything you can to help prepare your dog...what about other natural ways you can support him? Well, we’ve got that idea covered right here with our super popular Peaceful Pooch product.

The Benefits Of Natural, Calming Ingredients

While there are many things you can do to help support your dog's environment to calm them, oftentimes they need a little support.

That's where Peaceful Pooch comes in:

✔ It helps your dog to feel calmer using natural, fast-acting ingredients such as L-tryptophan help to normalise the stress response.

Whilst Taurine supports brain, heart, and eye function for overall wellbeing.

✔ Includes Lemon Balm - The lemon balm contains volatile oils, tannins, and flavonoids giving the herb several therapeutic effects, including calming and relaxing.

✔ Helps with common separation anxiety - The natural ingredients help contribute to a calming, more relaxed state so that your dog’s worry and anxiety when you leave home is under control.

✔ Fast-acting, with no sedative effect - With the easy-to-use powder, simply sprinkle on their daily food and help support your dog’s sense of calm through times of stress or anxiety without making them feel drowsy.

✔ Natural ingredients - Simple, natural ingredients, without nasty fillers or preservatives. The powder is suitable for any dog. Daily recommended amount is dependant on their size and/or weight.

What Do Our Customers Say?


Much better! 
"I have added this to my dogs meal daily and she is much better in herself."
Chris H.


It's magic
"OMG! Roxy absolutely loves this and it seems to be doing something."


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